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Hide your girlfriends, hide your sisters, and your wives! The sax is back, and its sexier than ever!! This is my official remix for MYNGA's Back Home, coming out soon on Universal Records!

Fun Facts

.If your alarm clock plays this song when you wake, statistics prove your likelihood of morning sex to increase by 98.7%

.Playing this song backwards reveals subliminal messaging. For those who are curious, the subliminal message is Quagmire from Family Guy saying "Giggity Giggty" over and over again.

.Starting January of 2015, all erectile dysfunction companies will use this song in advertisements. After numerous lawsuits were filed from angry middle age men claiming the medication didnt work; the companies joined together to hire a team of scientists who could fix the faulty pharmaceutical.

After months of trials, and various research....the scientist had found the answer! "It was simple. All along we thought it was a fault in pill, but we never considered the obvious! We would listen to this song on repeat while working, then all of sudden, scientists started disappearing, 2 at a male & one female. Turns out, they were engaging in coitus(sex). Thats when it dawned on us. The pill just needed an extra stimulant! That stimulant being Mr.Bender's remix of "Back Home". If the patient listens to this song, the pill will not only work, but its potency will increase dramatically. Thats why we suggest switching all ED medication to placebo pills. As long as Mr.Bender's song is playing, the erection will never go away."- Dr.Wiener (Noble Prize Winner)

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